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    Hi everyone. I am SO thrilled to be here with you once again. As you will recall, the old site had a wonderful message board where people from all over the world helped one another, but then we got hacked and had to take the board down. Well…we finally found this board, and combined with many layers of protection, you are able to share with one another again.

    My name is Susan Whitmore, and I lost my beautiful daughter, Erika, in 2002 from an extremely rare sinus cancer. She was 32 years old. After her death, when the pain came flooding in, I decided to start griefHaven to help all of us around the world.

    Please share here with each other. Please help each other, love each other, and take the walk of grief alongside one another. If it’s been a long time since you lost a loved one, your wisdom might lift another up. If you are newly bereaved, hearing from others that you are not alone may help. All in all, this is about hope.

    Just be kind. Be thoughtful. Use this space to make a difference in the lives of those everywhere.
    With Love,


    Hello – My name is Debbie and I lost my little girl Lily about 6 months ago. I am trying to find ways to cope with it and ways to keep going. Looking for advice and support.

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