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Susan Whitmore's candid yet gentle guidance, depth and breadth of knowledge on grief and the science of the grieving brain, personal experiences of loss, combined with her wonderful sense of humor, lends itself wholeheartedly to reaching into the hearts and minds of those in need, leaving them with the hope and tangible knowledge of how to go on, how to help someone else go on, and what specifically does and does not work. She has also created a wide variety of support tools so that everyone, regardless of loss, will have something from which to choose that will help them continue making that journey and knowing they are never alone. Those tools are being used all over the world, and some of them can be seen throughout the griefHaven website.


Death Of a Child: Susan regularly speaks to support groups and at conferences held for parents, siblings, and other family members impacted by a child’s death. A unique and devastating loss, and being on that lifelong journey herself, Susan shares her specialized grief tools with those whose lives have been forever changed by the death of a child.

All Other Losses: Regardless of a person’s loss, grief is something that enters a person’s life when someone they love and care about dies. Susan approaches each loss, even when all losses are combined in a given room, with the same commitment and understanding as that of the death of a child. Her overall approach is one of interaction, overall understanding and knowledge about grief, and specific grief tools that work to help soften the blow of loss and empower each griever to know what works and doesn’t work.


Susan has a wide range of experience and capabilities in this arena and has conducted workshops and speaking engagements from very large to small groups. Her educational and unique approach to the difficult subject of losing someone deeply loved is well received by all specialists, including chaplains, hospice caregivers, medical doctors, hospital administrative staff, therapists, nurses, home caregivers, school/university principals and their administrative staff, teachers and community businesses, such as the Fire Department.


Susan has been sought out as a grief expert and has appeared on the nightly news, television shows, and has been heard on several radio shows (some of these are available on this website). For media inquiries, please contact [email protected] or call 310-459-1789.

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