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      Your Safe Haven to Share

      Welcome to griefHaven’s special room where you can share with others from around the world any time of the day or night. This is your place to talk about the things that you need to share. Please use this space any time of the day or night and know that you are safe and that your experiences will be handled with loving care.

      Grief overwhelming? Tell us about it. Have a question or want input from others? Just ask. Can’t sleep? Join us here. Somewhere in the world, someone is up. Having a problem or issue? Put it down here and receive input from others. Have a good idea? Great! Share it with the rest of us. Want us to get to know your loved one? Tell us about him or her.

      This is your safe haven where you can give and receive love, hope, and compassion. Because the experience of grief is the same in every language, people from around the world will be sharing here, so don’t be surprised if you are posting from the East Coast and someone from a Scandinavian country replies. Note: Be nice and appropriate here. We at griefHaven are very protective of the broken hearts who come here, so anything we deem inappropriate will be removed immediately. *Please report any misguided postings by using this link
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