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Welcome Specialists and Loved Ones

This special griefHaven area is designed specifically for professionals
and/or those seeking to help someone who is grieving.

"A better understanding of grief leads to greater compassion, hope, and healing."

Kindness and compassion change lives. This is especially true when we are with a person who is grieving. Yet did you know that a large percentage of the time the actions and responses received by the griever are not experienced as kind, compassionate or helpful? Why is that? It's not as if you don't care. You do.

The Solution: Understanding grief and learning how to be with someone who is grieving is the key. We make it so easy.

This section:

  • Helps explain the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical components of grief.
  •  Provides information regarding how to best support grievers, including what to say; what not to say.
  • Incorporates the latest research on the grieving brain and how to help yourself or another.
  • Provides effective tools to help those who are grieving.
  • Points you to areas throughout the website that provide greater grief understanding.

Thanks for caring. 


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