Letters from you

About What to Say; What Not to Say

The message was just right -- you made it all real and understandable. This should be viewed by any person who has a relationship with a grieving spouse. I already forwarded it to one friend.
Thank you!!!


Beautiful article

Thank you for this beautiful article and your YouTube video on what to say…and more. It was so helpful to me…giving clarity to several things. Love, M


Your Website

Thank you very much for the email. I really appreciate it.

I haven’t had a lot of time to really process what happens as I had a colicky newborn and was just living in survival mode. Now that he is getting older and calmer, I guess it’s hitting me more. I’m very thankful that I have ____ and actually try not to complain about my situation too much because I fear (illogically) that the universe will take him away too or that my cancer will come back (Also has cancer between the death of my two parents- rough 5 years) and that I will not be here to take care of him. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to lose your daughter, there could be nothing worse. I am also a teacher and I’m sure she would have made a wonderful one.

I’m so thankful for the website. It feels a little less lonely knowing that I’m not alone in this situation.

Thank you again, S


About Support Group

Dear Susan

I cannot tell you how much I treasure our group and the relationships we have built - and how very special you are in our lives. I don't like to speak in terms of trendy language - but the 'authenticity' you present gives us all the comfort to do the same. That is what is the best - we don't need to pretend or put on any 'face'.

I've just learned 'life is just life' - I have no expectations any longer. In the past, when things were going very well, I would pray the hardest because I knew the swing would come. Now - after the worse thing in life that could possibly happen did indeed happen - I just live with no questions and no expectations. Guess I just cannot put my hopes into anything anymore.

Thank you for listening to me and giving me a space to share how I really feel - thanks for being there .....

Love, A


Loving Support

You changed my life with your amazing insight and care.

We all feel greatly indebted to you. You started us on a very important journey and we continue to meet regularly. We added two more members to our group after you left and have since decided that we've become so close that we don't think we could include anyone else. We are there for each other in a way that cannot be matched by anyone else.

This gift you gave us has pulled us through many difficult times. We cannot thank you enough. I thank God for you and wish you all the best in all your tremendous endeavors.


I really hate mother's day

I really hate Mother’s day. I think it is worse than Christmas, etc. People like to tell me that I am still a Mother. That is ridiculous as I lost my only daughter to cancer at 33 yrs. old so I am no longer a Mother. I even had to put down my daughter’s small Yorkie on New Year’s eve as he lost the use of his legs at 14 yrs. old. It felt like I was losing my daughter all over again and I still miss him. He was so well behaved as my daughter was great at training dogs to do tricks, etc.

So how do you survive Mother’s day? I tell my husband to not even mention it and try to ignore all the tv commercials, etc.

I appreciate being able to vent to you. Thank you. Love L&J


Today my father did not say anything anymore

Today my father did not say anything anymore, I still burn from hurt. Today I lasted less than an hour.

He died by holding my mother by the hand.

I know what you feel.

Kiss and hugs, A


Thank You

I wanted to thank you very much for the kind and thoughtful e-mail. Thank you for your understanding and all you do for others!!! Take care, M


Good Morning

Good morning! Weekly I tell others about how amazing you are and came into my life at the perfect time. I love what you are doing and I am so extremely grateful to you all. Love, C


We have all have formed a special connection

We have all have formed a special connection that reminds us that we are not alone on this journey. Leaving the security of a group is never easy but essential in our process...it’s obviously a lifetime of grieving but you’ve given us a safe place to grieve together during a critical period and how very blessed we have been to have you and griefHaven by our sides!!! I will keep you and your generous compassion close to my heart always. Love, M



Thank you so much for getting back to me! Your brochures will be helpful for many of our patients. Currently, we have patients who have lost adult children and we have some patients who have lost siblings as well as their mother. Thank you again so much for sending your information. You guys are so helpful.


Thank You

Thank you for starting this wonderful organization! Thanks, L