To the Newly Bereaved

Please Know That You Are Not Alone.

Losing someone you love is one of life’s greatest and most enduring challenges. The pain and sorrow that follows the death of a loved one can be overwhelming and shocking, leaving you wondering what to do. The flip side is that some people think that, because loved ones have been dying for hundreds of years and they all survived without special grief support, why would they need it now?

Here’s the answer.

With new psychological revelations and many new inventions, such as the MRI machine (and now fMRIs), we are now able to better see how to provide appropriate, efficient, and effective grief support in ways we could not before. Why should anyone suffer through years of anguish when there are now tried and proven tools and approaches to grief that we know to soften the blow and actually help support the grief journey? This is what we do. This is what we are passionate about.

The key to helping yourself with your grief is using those tools on a regular basis.

griefHaven is here to provide you, in one easily accessible location, a large array of varied tools to pick and choose from. As a newly grieving person, this can become your “haven of hope and support.” We hope it will become that one place where you who are grieving, and you who want to know how to help someone who is grieving, will regularly visit, in the privacy of your own home, and receive the guidance and support you want and need.

Here are some ways to get started for the newly bereaved.

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To the Newly Bereaved

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To the Newly Bereaved

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