Grief Pins

Grief Pins

An outward representation of grief honors the one who died, lets others know that their support and love is needed, and even puts life into perspective, reminding us to be grateful for what we do have and not to stress over the small things. Yet, there are many countries, including the United States, that have no symbol or outward display of grief. Until now...

Imagine how others might respond if they saw you in public, walking with crutches, a cast on your arm or leg, or covered in stitches, bruises, and bandages.

People would be more thoughtful, going out of their way for you. Even though a grieving person might look perfectly normal and fine on the outside, inside they are broken and dealing with a different kind of pain and suffering. They, too, need the same support, compassion, love, and patience.

This is why in 2003 we created a worldwide symbol that means the same in every language—a grief pin that can be worn by anyone, anywhere—a symbol that says, “Someone I love dearly has died, and I am grieving.” You could say the grief pin identifies the unseen bandages and sutures across the broken and shattered heart.

We offer three beautiful grief pins. The upside-down heart represents a heart in grief—a heavy heart turned upside-down. The diamond shape is a symbol for “hope,” and the scroll is an ancient symbol for “love.

To represent our grief, we wear our pin with the heart upside-down. And we know that one day, with “hope” and “love,” we will be able to turn our hearts right-side up again.

Bulk discounts over 20 pins available. In some cases, grief pins will be donated. For more information, please contact our office 310-459-1789 or email us at [email protected].

We offer 3 different pins: the original square pin (worn by men and women),
the military pin, and the pin with hearts.

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