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A Million Visits

With over a million website visits a year, griefHaven continues to provide the love, education, and support needed by people around the world. Just think…a million visits a year! THAT is a lot of people who might not otherwise have anywhere to go for the effective and loving help they need. Because we are a unique organization providing a huge variety of different types of grief support, there is always something for everyone at any time during their grief journey.

Without Donations

Without donations, griefHaven would no longer exist. We are dependent upon the generosity of those who give any amount so that we may continue providing the love, education, and support to those in need. Fifty donations of $10 adds up, so no amount is too small.

So Thanks

Thank you for whatever amount you are able to give. Donations to our foundation are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. We take your privacy seriously and never share any information with anyone else.

griefHaven (legally The Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing loving guidance, education, and grief support to anyone who has lost someone they love, those who want to know how to support someone who is grieving, and those who work in the grief field.

Where Do the Donations Go?

What Have We Been Up to?


  • At the start of the pandemic, griefHaven moved all private grief groups, organized by type of loss, to a Zoom format. This increased access to people from all over the country and the world. We have more than doubled our groups since 2020 through Zoom!
    • This will continue in 2022, reaching even more people in need.
  • New grief groups for kids with child therapist and specialist Dr. Renee Schwartz.
    • Only in person in Los Angeles for now.
  • Community crisis outreach, such as with first responders, school personnel and students, medical workers, such as nursing staff working with COVID and those impacted by community tragedy, including nursing staff at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California and first responders through the Los Angeles Fire and Police departments.
    • To continue in 2022 as crises continue everywhere.
  • PowerPoint presentations that provide grief support and tools to major organizations, their employees, and members, such as Johnson & Johnson and the Los Angeles LGBT Organization.
    • To continue in 2022.
  • Presentations at conferences, such as the International Day of Hope and Healing.
    • To continue in even greater ways so that education about grief will continue to help those who are grieving and those who want to know how to support someone who is grieving.
  • Awards, including the prestigious KNX Hero of the Week award given to our founder, Susan Whitmore.
  • Free grief pins sent to hospitals, nursing homes, individuals, families, hospice centers and other facilities throughout the United States.
    • Thousands of pins have been given out to individuals and organizations, and we will continue to do so in 2022.
  • Outreach to areas struck by crises, such as fires, hurricanes, wars, shootings and more.
    • As weather and personal disasters continue to impact our world, we will continue to reach out and provide necessary support where needed.
  • Translation of new scientific research on the grieving brain into our grief work.
    • An important part of our work continues to be what works with the "grieving brain." In 2022 we will continue to be a deep part of what is new in the world of science that we can use to help all of us as we grieve.
  • Five informative booklets written by founder Susan Whitmore covering multiple grief subjects.
    • In 2022, more booklets will be written and published.
  • In 2022, grief subjects important to all of us will be put into small, handout format and sent to various facilities, organizations, and individuals.
  • Informative grief articles written by founder Susan Whitmore published in magazines, on websites, in books, and in newspapers.
    • More articles to be written and published in 2022.
  • Free special events for grievers via Zoom, such as a meditation evening, guest speakers, and workshops.
    • More special events to come via Zoom in 2022 so more people can attend.
  • Collaboration with other organizations to provide follow-up grief support and to communicate awareness of grief truths and tools, such as the Onsite organization in Memphis, Tennessee.
    • This will continue in 2022 as we join hands with other organizations in synch with our work, meaning even more individuals in need will be able to partake of our services.
  • Recruiting and training of additional grief counselors and therapists.
    • Due to the expansion of our work, and that all of our therapists/counselors are required to work alongside a lead facilitator for one year, we have already grown to 16 and will continue in 2022 to expand so that we can be there for more people in need.
  • Thousands of free Packets of Hope sent via email to grieving people throughout the world.
    • This will continue in 2022, as well as revamping some of our older information and adding new information.
  • Free private counseling and/or phone support.
    • This will continue in 2022.
  • New additions and upgrades to the website so that people everywhere will receive the support they need, such as easily accessible sections for all losses; section with research for those working in the grief arena; pertinent articles to help those in need; donor gratitude page; and more.
    • This is the backbone for many who have nowhere else to turn for help. In 2022, we will continue to add more support and educational tools on our website.
  • Educational Now You Know™ video vlogs, grief videos and podcasts.
    • In 2022, we plan to film new, informative Now You Know vlogs.