Recommended Books For Grand Parent Loss

Grandpa Moon

by Cindi Handley Goodeaux

Montana is Grandpa’s princess. They loved spending time together going for walks in the park or quietly sitting on the porch reading her favorite book. When grandpa becomes sick and doesn't come home from the hospital, Montana's mom tries to help her understand why. A sweet and gentle way to look at death, for children ten and under. If your family has had to make this hard journey, this book could help..

Finding Grandpa Everywhere

John Hodge

For children ages 3-10. A young child discovers memories of a grandparent.

I Know I Made It Happen

Lynn Bennett Blackburn

For children ages 6-12. Deals with self blame when a series of bad things happen including a grandparent’s death.

Saying Goodbye to Grandma

Jane Resh Thomas

For children ages 8-12. In depth look at a family gathering for the funeral of a beloved grandmother.

What’s Heaven?

Maria Shriver

For children ages 3-8


Moshe Halevi Spero

For children ages 6- 12. A story guide to help Jewish children cope with loss and bereavement.

The Birthday Of An Angel

Zoey Leslie Hess

For Children – Written by a child after the death of her Papa, this book is simple and beautifully illustrated, explaining how Papa lives on in the wisdom he taught.