Recommended Books Of Poetry

A Convergence, so to Speak

by Laura Faith Goetz Stidham

"Many of the poems in my novel speak directly of loss, and others speak of how relationships, life views, and the perception of others and the self can change after loss. These changes accompany our experience of life’s highest highs, its lowest lows, and all of its inexpressible in-betweens. "

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Vanilla Milk: A Memoir Told in Poems

by Chanel Brenner

This collection of free verse and essay-like vignettes is about moving forward through the concrete that is unexplainable loss...The bravery with which she writes is, frankly, incomprehensible and her straightforwardness is a primer for anyone who knows someone who has lost a child.

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Words for the Unbearable: A Journey Through Loss

by Enid Sanders

When psychologist Enid Sanders’ first child Keri died, the young mother spilled out a series of poems and put them away in a drawer. Decades later, when her husband Andrew died, she took them out and started writing again. At first she wrote for herself, for Andrew and to Andrew. A poem would rise up from nowhere and she’d jump up and scribble it down, not knowing how it would end until she wrote the last word.

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