2019 GriefHaven Annual Fundraising Luncheon
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November 18, 2018
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April 14, 2020

Live Your Best Life Luncheon

Luxe Hotel - Los Angeles, California

November 19, 2019

After two major fires, which resulted in the original Live Your Best Life luncheon date having to be rescheduled, the Friends of griefHaven gathered with 180 guests at the beautiful Luxe Hotel in West Los Angeles. The weather was perfect, with just enough sunshine and a slight breeze to keep it cool. The Luxe Hotel, in the hills off Sunset, is a gorgeous hotel and the perfect place for everyone to gather to support griefHaven’s work. As one supporter said, “There is something special about these griefHaven gatherings. There is always so much love and compassion in the air. What you are doing at griefHaven is truly amazing, and I’m happy to support you.”

The day included a message from our founder and CEO, Susan Whitmore, who started by saying, “I want to talk to you about rabbits! Yes, rabbits! And not just any rabbits, but specifically New Zealand white male rabbits. You see, these rabbits develop heart disease much like humans if they eat a high-fat diet.”

Susan went on to share a 1978 research project that took place with a group of these rabbits who received a high-fat diet that resulted in high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high heart rate for all of the rabbits. Yet, when Dr. Nerem, the head researcher, went to check their veins for fatty deposits, there was one group of rabbits who had 60% fewer fatty deposits than all of the other rabbits. As she explained, after looking into this medical mystery, they discovered that it was one woman’s rabbits only who had the lower deposits and that woman, Murena, did only one thing differently than any of the other technicians feeding the rabbits: When she fed her rabbits she talked gently, lovingly, and soothingly to them. She cuddled and petted each one. And she thanked them for helping make people healthy. Turns out Murena didn’t just give out rabbit kibble, SHE GAVE OUT LOVE!

They repeated the study, with the exact same results. Dr. Nerem said, “Turns out I needed to take a rabbit with an unhealthy lifestyle, talk to it, hold it, give it affection and many adverse affects of diet disappear.” But how? The answer? Loving Kindness. Yep!

And as Susan explained, that is exactly what griefHaven provides: loving, human kindness to those who have lost someone they love.

Our Speaker, Catherine Gray

Our amazing speaker was Catherine Gray: a trailblazing producer, writer, and talk show host. She gave us the: “7 Simple Steps To Empower Your Legacy” and live a better life. People were rapidly taking notes! To learn more about Catherine, visit her website here: https://www.360karma.com/

Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors

The event was not only meaningful and fun but also successful, raising over $100,000 so that griefHaven could continue it’s unique, loving and educational support to those who know the pain of losing a loved one.

Please enjoy the photos of the day, including the beautiful tributes people purchased in loving memory or honor of those they love.

Enjoy Photos From The Day