A Day That Changed My Life (Yet Once Again)
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February 13, 2018
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May 17, 2015

Susan Whitmore, CEO, Meets With Fire Fighters
A Day That Changed My Life (Yet Once Again)

I was asked by Captain Bob Bates to come to the fire station and talk about griefHaven. He said, "We need you...we need to know about your organization and what you do." So I went armed with documents, grief pins, and other bits of information to share with them. But what started out as a sharing about griefHaven turned into a grief sharing from the firefighters about their own PTSD, their own trauma and grief over all that they have experienced over the many years they have fought fires, tried to save lives, walked into homes where people have died--where children have died, tried to console families, worked untold hours for the betterment of our communities, and so much more...

Most of us have no idea what firefighters do for us. We think they simply put out fires. Or perhaps, once in a while, they show up when a medic is needed. That is not the case. They are asked to be there for a huge number of crises, and they have their own grief and gut-wrenching pain that they have to learn to live with.

Fire Station 69. You amaze me! What you have chosen to do with your lives equals a lifetime of those who choose to protect our country, with all of the same, both good and bad, experiences that you have to learn to live with. I pray that we can be there for you in your time of need, for as you give, so too do you need to receive.

Here are the photos of this day today, January 16, 2017, that changed my life once again.

I love you guys!!!
Susan Whitmore, CEO and Founder
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