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November 18, 2018
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November 8, 2017

Special Evening With Dr. Eben Alexander

A Note About Our Evening With Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell

Thank you for spending last Tuesday with us and sharing in the special Eben Alexander event. Whatever your reasons for attending, I hope you walked away with at least something that resonated with you and that will help you in your lives. As I said on stage, my goal, and the overall goal of griefHaven, is to find and bring to everyone various approaches to living life that educate, provide hope, and help all of us as we continue our lifelong journeys.

The work I do with those who are grieving involves a lot of anguish and hopelessness for a while, and that was also true for me for quite some time. When people see me now, they often ask what I’ve done over the years since Erika died that has helped me rebuild my life to one that is joyful and meaningful. I always tell them the same truth: I tried everything that came my way at least once. That was the only way I was able to find out what did and didn’t work. Believe me, there were things I thought would be a waste of time, and some of those turned out to be the best! That helped me realize that I wanted the same thing for you, and that is when I made a vow that I would search the world to find those things that might give people greater Peace of Heart. Bringing Eben to all of you was just one of those.

As I drove Eben and Karen to the airport, Eben said that his experience with all of you was one of the most meaningful. He was deeply moved and grateful for the experience.

I hope you will continue to be a part of our griefHaven lives, joining us as we bring you additional experiences along the way. Your support also helps so many others who need us.

Susan Whitmore, Founder & President

  • Thank you for bringing Eben Alexander to Santa Monica. He is an amazing speaker and hearing his message is so important. Sending you a big hug.
  • I had almost given up trying to purchase tickets (via PayPal) and then decided to just try to put my c/c in and it worked. So glad too!
  • It was a great evening and although I felt like I was "dragging" my husband along (he hadn't read to book yet, but is planning to now), but he had such a great experience!
  • Also, thank you to you for calling me to help me with the purchase of tickets. Such personal attention is not a regular occurrence. I had been gone, then it was a holiday weekend, so I just couldn't bring myself to calling you on your cell phone until I had tried again to purchase the tix. Thank you!! I wish I lived closer to Pacific Palisades. :)
  • We all loved the evening with Eben Alexander. Also, I love you for bringing him to us and for all the other wonderful things you do to enrich our lives.
  • Wow! What an extraordinary, uplifting experience it was to hear Eben’s journey and of course an awakening for all of us that there is so much more in our collective spiritual and lifelong journeys. I practice a beautiful yoga called Kundalini yoga…it was so, so delightful to hear of “confirmation” of how energy and souls transform. So many similarities in Eben’s story to the practice.
  • Thank you, Susan, for arranging this amazing night for us. It brought me a lot of peace hearing about where my daughter lives now, Heaven. Eben was a kind and amazing speaker. Thank you for everything you do to help others going through the pain you feel.
  • Thank you again for your hard work. This was such an amazing gift. May God bless you and your family.
  • Thank you so much for bringing Dr. Eben Alexander to griefhaven. It was an inspiring and wonderful evening, and I hope you will do more of that kind of events. It so freeing to hear you and him talk about the spiritual things that we so know and believe in a public forum. Bravo!!
  • I have been meaning to write to you. The evening with Eben was really excellent. I just saw my trainer, and he was there and loved it also. The private event at the house was just right—a nice combo of mingling and listening to Eben. Your introduction was really, really terrific. His talk was awesome. I really cannot think of anything I would have changed. Ok that’s it — congratulations, it was amazing!
  • The event was fabulous! Every detail was perfection. The meet and greet was so meaningful. I think the location was a stroke of genius. I was thrilled the room was full! Although my husband felt terrible (having just finished radiation), he thought the talk was worth every second. So, again, thank you for the brilliance of such a great choice. I needed this kind of hope.
  • I am so grateful to have experienced hearing Eben Alexander in person last night. Thank you so much for bringing him to Santa Monica. He was even more wonderful than I might have imagined him to be. I was thrilled to learn about you and your group and can see that you are doing very important work. Please put me on your email list for future events. It would be amazing to get Eben and his partner back to do a whole day with the acoustic music. I would be very interested in attending. Thank you so much!
  • It was an absolutely lovely evening - heartwarming and fascinating. What a gift to be able to meet Eben. Thank you, thank you!!
  • Thanks again for an amazing, inspiring and heartfelt evening. If you could box up the positive energy that was created by such a great group of people, we could solve a lot of the world's problems...