Brett Michael Chidester
October 26, 2017
Darrin Lee Bullard
October 26, 2017

Eric Farid Chain
1977 - 2000

Letter to mi loving aunt Gilda Martín del Campo:

Dear Gilda, I love you and admire you so much, you were the best mom for my cousin, Erik Farid. And after his gone you have been a light for so many people! Farid had all the beautiful spirit that you have, his smile, his laugh, his intelligence, his love, he was unique…. Wonderful.

I miss him so much, after I found him death, mi life has not been the same. I think of him and instantly tears come to my eyes, I missed him at my wedding, he was as important in my life as maybe he never knew,, maybe even I did not know.

Gilda, you are an example of a great spirit and mind, and above all a extraordinary beautiful heart. I´m sure that Faridsito is with God, and he did not live long, but he gave us so many beautiful things,,, that I´m sure he will never die,, he will always live in the memory of so many people, friends, family that have him in their hearts.

I love you Gilda and I love Farid…. So much.