Her, By Suzanne Camejo
david's poem
David’s Poem
October 20, 2020
darkness be a bell tower
Let This Darkness Be a Bell Tower
October 20, 2020
parallax background


Permeates every path
Only scientists can
Her fingertips on
On the perfume
bottles, the comb.
Could have a heyday
Were they searching
For her.
She is here!
On soap bars and cosmetics
In fact her makeup bag
Must be rife with it,
Alive even!
All those skin lotions and
Creams she lathered …
Oh, and the champagne-colored
Lip gloss!
Think of the riot of cells
Printed like maps of who
She was in life;
In this house, her room;
The books, each notepad,
The flip-flops,
ALL of them!
Don’t expect to see her
Poring over her dresses in
The closet
All that’s left of her is-
Molecules mixed with
Dust motes,
Evidence of Life
It’s in the DNA in
Every single room
It’s as thick as her
Soft brown hair and as
Loud as her voice
Calling … ”MOM!”