Ilan Gabriel Biederman
November 17, 2017
David Beck
November 17, 2017

Robert Bergman

Robert was in second grade or maybe third when he told me he thought, "he got a letter". He ran out to the mailbox and came to the house with the letter, of course, I knew he wrote it, I thought he needed a friend because he just started a new school. When I read it I couldn't believe my eyes.

I showed the letter to my husband who at the time was in psychiatric practice, he was so overwhelmed, he made copies of it and gave the letter to all his patients. For the last thirty-eight years, I read the letter very often. Roberts' letter is framed and sitting next to my bed on the nightstand.

In front of the letter is a small framed photo of him treading water in a swimming pool of looking up at me smiling. He was a happy boy. Robert is deeply loved....his last word to me was thanks.He certainly taught me how to live..........!

Peace, Love, Carol

Letter written by Robert. It says: Dear I, Keep on going like you have. Allow mistakes and arguments. Always see the light. Your greatest friend, you.