Starting Over Television Show – NBC
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September 26, 2021
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October 7, 2013

Starting Over was a daytime reality show from the creators of "The Real World" which followed six women who came from all walks of life to overcome issues that had held them back from leading a fulfilling life.

The producers of Starting Over contacted Susan Whitmore, asking her to visit with Bethany who was one of the Starting Over house guests. Bethany had just lost her only child, Shelby, in a tragic car accident a few months earlier (see Shelby's photo on our memory page). The holidays were coming, Bethany was far away from her home, living in the Starting Over house in Southern California, and feeling the painful separation from family and friends. The hardest part for Bethany was that she was missing Shelby terribly. Bethany was trying to decide whether or not she would continue living in the Starting Over house while feeling such intense pain over Shelby's death. As you watch this segment of Starting Over, you will see the connection, mother-to-mother, between Bethany and Susan Whitmore.