Recommended Books For Sibling Loss

Surviving Sibling Loss

The Invisible Thread That Connects Us Through Life and Death

Dawn DiRaimondo, Psy.D.

A memoir by therapist Dawn DiRaimondo about losing her young adult brother unexpectedly. Book includes others who lost siblings in various ways, including by illness, accident, and suicide. Also a practical resource not only for surviving siblings, but also for parents, friends, and others impacted by a similar death who want to learn how to better understand and support those in need. Available on Amazon.

Alicia Afterimage

Lulu Delacre

For children ages 12- adult.

Always My Brother

Jean Reagen

For children ages 6- 11

A Birthday Present for Daniel

Juliet Rothman

For children ages 3-9

Child Facing Grief

Janis Loomis Romond

For children ages 9-18

The Empty Place- a Child’s Guide Through Grief

Roberta Temes

For children ages 3-8

For Those Who Live: Helping Children Cope With the Death of a Brother or Sister

Kathy LaTour

This is not a long book, but its heartfelt compassion shines through every page. Only a bereaved sibling could have written it. The book talks about what happens when you lose a sibling-the grief that doesn't match what it "should," the change in family dynamics, the struggles and the hope. Using wisdom gathered from many sources, the author helps the reader face the reality of loss.

The Lone Twin: Understanding Twin Bereavement and Loss

by Joan Woodward

This book was written by a psychotherapist in England who explores what happens when twins are separated, especially by death. It is not unusual for the surviving twin's loss to go unnoticed. The author says that the relationship between twins is highly significant and begins for many twins before they are actually born. The book is based on interviews with 219 "lone twins." Woodward is an “attachment therapist” and bases her understanding of twin loss on Bowlby's theory of attachment. She includes a chapter on interventions for professionals.

Losing Someone You Love : When a Brother or Sister Dies

Elizabeth Richter

True stories written by surviving siblings age 10-24. For all ages.

The Loving Tree

Patricia Moran Kennedy

This book was written after the death of the author's sister. It is a positive affirmation of the value of connection in spite of the pain of loss. It is simple but profound, easy to read, and would be a wonderful gift for anyone who has experienced loss.

Recovering From the Loss of a Sibling

Katherine Fair Donnelly

Numerous stories from the lives of bereaved siblings. The author points out the similarities found in sibling loss, whatever the age of the bereaved.

Thumpy’s Story

Nancy C. Dodge

For children ages 3-8. Bunnies learn about death, grief, and love when their sibling dies. Good explanations for younger children.

Shadows in the Sun : The Experiences of Sibling Bereavement in Childhood

by Betty Davies

This book covers the immediate, short-term, and long-term responses to the death of a brother or sister in childhood and adolescence. It also describes the subsequent generational effects of sibling bereavement. Although the book is intended for professional caregivers, surviving siblings can learn much about themselves from a careful reading of this book. The final chapter brings together all that has gone before into a comprehensive model of sibling bereavement. Practical guidelines are offered for those who seek to help grieving siblings, children, and families."

Sibling Bereavement : Helping Children Cope with Loss

by Ann Farrant

Reading about the experiences of others who have lost a brother or a sister helps us realize we are not alone. The emotional effect of losing a brother or sister can result in severe trauma for a child. Many children find it difficult to mourn a lost sibling, and parents can have a hard time helping their children while they themselves are mourning. The author uses real-life case studies to illustrate her points.

Sibling Grief: Healing after the Death of a Sister or Brother

P. Gill White, Ph.D.

Sibling Grief is White’s validation of the emotional significance of sibling loss. She draws on clinical experience, research, and wisdom from hundreds of bereaved siblings to explain the five healing tasks specific to sibling grief. White identifies the effects of this profound loss on daily actions and emotions and describes the dream patterns of bereaved siblings, showing how healing is reflected in the dream state. Throughout, she illustrates the long-lasting connection between siblings -- a connection that death itself cannot sever. Sibling Grief is a powerful mix of information, personal reflections, and poetry -- just what you need to begin your own healing journey.

Sibling Loss

Joanna H. Fanos

Some brothers and sisters experience the chronic illness of their sibling prior to the sibling's death. Although this is a special kind of sibling loss, many of the issues apply to all surviving siblings.

S.O.S. Sorrow of Siblings: Parents of Murdered Children Introduction

by Lisa Moreno

This wonderful book addresses the difficult topic of murder and how it impacts siblings. Surviving brothers and sisters tell their stories.

Straight from the Siblings : Another Look at the Rainbow

by Gerald Jamplosky

With drawings and quotes from bereaved brothers and sisters, the editor creates a touching memorial to the love between siblings. The book brings out not only the sadness, but also the difficult feelings, such as jealousy and guilt, that trouble the survivors. Any bereaved sibling reading this book will come away feeling included in its pages. It is full of hope and appropriate for readers of all ages.

Surviving the Death of a Sibling

T. J. Wray

Living through grief when an adult brother or sister dies. Has some religious overtones.

Unspoken Grief; Coping with Childhood Sibling Loss

by Helen Rosen

The author describes young children's reactions to the loss of a sibling. She explains how the grieving process is prolonged by prohibitions against mourning.